About Us

KGK Group (KANI GOHARAN KIMIA Co. Ltd and Goharan Sang Kimia LTD  <GSK-co>) was established as a high-performance Iranian mineral ore producer and exporter in 2012 focusing on supplying raw materials for steel and metallurgy, construction, and building, drilling mud and refractory industries.

In the line of satisfying our customer’s demand in a cut-throat market we have taken some significant items into account which are as follows:

Having comprehensive knowledge about mineral geography and geology, the active mines, and their capability.
Applying the know-how and hands-on experience in all aspects of this issue: Geology, Exploration, Excavation, Mineral processing, Investing, and Trading.
Feeling up to supplying and exporting the mineral ore in proportion to customers’ requests with the best quality and on-time delivery.

Making use of cost-effective and expeditious transportation methods.

The appropriate performance with the assistance of practiced and skillful staff for container stuffing, vessel loading process, and customs clearance.
Devoting A huge site in Bandar Abbas port has been chosen with consideration of each cargo/product’s circumstances.

Planning an in-built program under the title of QC comprised of 3 items, sampling, lab testing, and supervision to control the cargo/product in all steps of the process.
Presenting the result of the examination in the form of a periodical report in deference to the customer’s right.

In a nutshell, the experienced management team of KGK in the field of technical, commercial, and transporting leads us to provide high and enduring quality and on-time delivery.

We have an office in Dubai for documentation and payment facilities (money transfer account)

GOODWAYS RESOURCES, Located in Malaysia / KL also is our business partner and will handle the payment procedure these facilities may be valuable for some customers.